Real projects and real results

Real projects

and real results

We make digital
for millions of users
around the world.

Real projects and

real results

We make digital
for millions of users
around the world.

We make digital products for millions of users around the world.

Customer testimonials

“Solbeg did a great job of finding the right engineering talent for a very specific software need, rather than trying to fit anyone to the position. They were very good at communicating progress and took all the time necessary to make sure we were "on the same page.”
Chris Demiris Co-Founder, Head of Engineering, Luma Touch LLC
“Through a comprehensive infrastructure overhaul, Solbeg successfully increased application bandwidth efficiency by 25X. The team collaborates in an efficient manner leveraging platforms including Jira and Slack, allowing for seamless communication, ensuring fast delivery and high product quality. Their passion, commitment, and diligence are instrumental in guaranteeing project expectations are met or exceeded.”
Daniel Silverman Senior Product Manager, Fresh Clean Tees
"Solbeg is unique in our experience. Not only do they work to the highest standards anywhere in the world, but they are able to provide development services with deep scientific and engineering experience. Our domain demands implementation of user stories with a demanding combination of mathematics, computational efficiency, 2D and 3D visualization, and dataset scale. Solbeg has been able to provide engineers and computer scientists to help solve our most challenging problems. They are our trusted advisors and colleagues, and our products would not be as competitive without their expertise."
Vice President, Engineering Global Oilfield Services Software Firm
"The Solbeg Development team was flexible and detail-oriented, they suggested helpful alternative solutions when needed, and above all else they were enjoyable to work with."
Catriona Dick | Flow Companies | Jr. Management Services Analyst and Digital Product Manager
"I am pleased with the backend support and maintenance provided by Solbeg. Their responsiveness and efficiency in implementing new features have made working with them a breeze. Solbeg's dedication to problem-solving and their proactive approach to identifying issues saved us both time and resources. I highly recommend Solbeg to anyone seeking backend support on their application or website!"
Dana Hare | Lead Developer, BlackBean Marketing Ltd.
"Solbeg is a team of excellent tech professionals. Team has met all the requirements and has established itself as a reliable business partner, not just a vendor. We are very satisfied."
Ifat Ben David, Founder&CEO at Tombolo

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