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Online Appointment Scheduling

TimeBooker is a Software-as-a-Service online appointment scheduling solution that works for all service businesses which accept appointments.

About TimeBooker

TimeBooker helps to improve customer retention and always stay connected to business by providing high-quality booking experience, comprehensive customer relationship management system, and user-friendly dashboard for effective workflow and performance management. The system enables customers to book services 24/7 from anywhere.


Technologies and Tools

System Overview

After implementing TimeBooker, our customers have reported significant increase in the volume of appointments, brand recognition, loyalty and customer engagement. Through discussions with companies who have realized the benefits of using TimeBooker, we’ve found out the following key features and functionality, helping maximize business performance:
  • Appointment Journal: user-friendly appointment journal for fast and easy scheduling.
  • Appointment History: comprehensive booking/appointment history with search function.
  • Accurate Customer Base: customers’ contact details and booking history are carefully stored in the system, and are accessible anytime from any device.
  • Booking Widget: highly customizable widget that can be simply integrated into company’s website, enabling customers request appointments and make reservations online 24/7 from any device.
  • Powerful Analytics & Custom Reports: visual-based analytics and custom reports provide deep insight into business performance and customers’ preferences.
  • Employee Schedule Planer: user-friendly visual planner for creating and managing company and employee schedule.
  • Services & Specialists Dashboard: convenient dashboard for managing company’s service list and assigning responsible specialists.
  • Notifications Sending: customers automatically get booking confirmations and reminders via text messages and email.
  • The system can be easily customized to meet company’s specific business needs.

In present-day highly competitive market it’s not enough for a business just to be presented online. To outperfom the competition you are to be in touch with customers beyond working hours, taking care about them 24/7 wherever they are. If you are looking for a reliable vendor with a wealth of knowledge in sales and marketing automation tools, please contact us right now.