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Enterprise Content Management

Solbeg is a reliable supplier of enterprise solutions, including ECM systems of any complexity. These systems help aggregate, categorize, store, search, share and deliver data to users with the right level of permissions.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

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Enterprise content management solutions

Every sufficiently large company, especially in such industries as mass media, finance or entertainment, generates massive amounts of unstructured data of different types every day. Files are saved locally, in shared network folders, cloud drives, users’ emails, and a multitude of other locations where they remain accessible to a limited number of people and not necessarily the entire company. This problem has been handled in different ways, the main one being the creation and implementation of company-wide enterprise content management systems.

Document management software for every industry

Solbeg has been developing asset management software for years and knows the principles of good software design. The company’s vast experience enables it to develop various performance optimization and process automation tools, ECM-centric service platforms, and other software products aimed at improving and streamlining content exchange in organizations.

While building our business solutions, we use the most efficient technology stacks tailored for specific functionality to be delivered. To ensure ease of access on all major mobile devices, our UI’s are initially designed to be cross-platform and adapted to different browsers, screen sizes and resolutions.

If you happen to be looking for a reliable vendor to assist you with your very own enterprise content management system, please contact us right away and our team of solution visionaries and business analysts will be happy to share their insights and advise you on the best implementation strategy.

ECM consulting and professional software audit

As a software development company, we do not just provide development services, but also consult businesses on designing and implementing high-quality ECM solutions, conduct comprehensive code audit and complex automated testing.