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Database Migration

Solbeg possesses deep practical expertise working with databases of various types and has performed numerous database migrations throughout its history, both as part of large application re-engineering and migration projects and standalone assignments.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Data migration is one of the most common and yet demanding tasks performed in the course of application migration or performance optimization projects requiring the change of the type of database used. Depending on the configuration of the source database, this process may take from hours to weeks, as it may involve the recreation of the existing load balancing scheme or a replication/partitioning model. Equally important are the correct conversion and normalization of data, handling of stored procedures and other activities that ensure the integrity of data and high performance after the completion of data transfer. Whatever your case may be, Solbeg is up to the challenge!

Deep expertise in data migration and conversion

We are equally well-versed in SQL and non-SQL, relational and non-relational databases, and our DB experts hold certifications for major database systems, which allows us to provide end-to-end database migration services without involving any third-party providers.

Data migration expertise based on best practices and years of experience

Even the most exotic conversion scenarios, like migration from an old mainframe to your new data center or cloud server, can be handled by our in-house team with an option of visiting your office to configure data extraction scripts and ensure the security of the process. In doing our work, we prioritize data integrity over speed and make sure that full backups are created before every serious step of the data migration process. Every iteration is followed by a comprehensive check for compliance of converted data with the requirements of the database itself and the application that will be using it.

Comprehensive post-migration support

Once the last bit of data has been successfully carried over to the new database, we are ready to provide our support and maintenance service, keeping an eye on the performance of the new database and eliminating potential bottlenecks in its work.

Professional consulting services

Apart from assisting companies with database migration projects, we also provide a full spectrum of professional database consulting services: from designing the optimal database architecture to choosing the right platform and software for storing crucial business data.