RubyHas – Warehouse and Logistics industry

RubyHas Warehouse and Logistics industry

Order Fulfillment

Warehouse Management System


Google Cloud Platform
Java 11




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Our customer is the most innovative and trusted tech fulfillment provider with facilities & solutions around the globe.​

Ruby Has needed an updated and redesigned Order Management System (OMS) for the end-users of the fulfillment services. Ruby Has needed to increase the speed of technological decision-making and expand the in-house development team with high-quality specialists for solution development. ​


The Solbeg team has developed a robust order management system, RubyHub, a scalable SaaS solution with a user-friendly interface, advanced admin panel, and visionary order and management features. ​


Our solution helps to:

  • Manage orders effectively and reduce the helpdesk requests;​
  • Integrate with inventory and warehouse management systems;​
  • Control over merchandise, as well as transparency into the order fulfillment process; ​
  • Provide online merchants with visibility and control;​
  • Provide advanced users with an access control system; ​
  • Ensure all fulfillment items are received, stored, packed, and shipped correctly;​
  • Increase the end-user’s satisfaction.​

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