Ecommerce Web Portal for Fresh Clean Threads (ex Fresh Clean Tees)

Ecommerce Web Portal for Fresh Clean Threads ex Fresh Clean Tees)

Ecommerce Web Portal

Ecommerce Web

Portal for Fresh Clean

Threads (ex Fresh

Clean Tees)


Node.js + Typescript
Sanity, Shopify


years of development


The client is a San Diego based high-growth startup that delivers on premium men’s basics.

Our customer wasn’t satisfied with the previous vendor and needed a development team to audit, own, and optimize their web application.


The Solbeg team recommended an array of optimizations (front-end and back-end) to increase stability and capacity of the web application and portal. The team developed and deployed the recommended updates, significantly increasing web application performance (by 200+%). We continued to make enhancements to the web applications front-end, back-end, and CMS. The Solbeg developed AB testing functionality, allowing for efficient AB testing deployment of every aspect of the website.

The Solbeg team implemented AB testing of product pricing through checkout (by integrating Tontine technology into technical stack), added content delivery network functionality (leveraging ImageEngine integration), added scheduling functionality to the custom CMS, integrated membership functionality into web application and web portal (utilizing Inveterate technology), developed an array of front-end optimizations that increased website performance including a custom bundle builder tool, cart drawer gamification, and CMS custom page builder optimizations.


Optimized and reduced infrastructure cost by 25%;

Reduced the maximum usage of server memory from 1 Gb to 285 Mb;

Increased application throughput up to 3 times.

Developed an array of front-end UI optimizations:

  • Custom Bundle Builder Tool;
  • Cart Drawer Gamification;
  • CMS custom page builder optimizations.

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