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Solutions for insurance industry

Solbeg offers a complete spectrum of software development services for the insurance industry: from thorough business analysis and elaboration of requirements to deployment in the customer’s environment and post-delivery technical support. 

Broad domain expertise

Solbeg is an accomplished developer of specialized software for various industries and verticals, including the insurance business. Our expertise shines in crafting intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, coupled with the prowess to construct swift and reliable application back-ends. These back-ends seamlessly facilitate data exchange between company branches, offering instant access to client profiles, policy details, property databases, and an array of crucial information. 

Integration with existing enterprise systems

Empowering the insurance sector, our integration solutions seamlessly connect with existing enterprise systems. From policy management to claims processing, we enhance efficiency through tailored software solutions. Our web-based products are designed to seamlessly support multiple platforms, prioritizing mobile optimization at the core. This approach ensures that diverse employees can effortlessly access essential functionality through a browser or a mobile app, anytime and anywhere, fostering unparalleled flexibility and convenience. 

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