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Solbeg offers a complete spectrum of software development services for the insurance industry: from thorough business analysis and elaboration of requirements to deployment in the customer's environment and post-delivery technical support.

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Insurance software

The insurance industry heavily relies on data processing, big data analysis and automation of business flows. Every insurance company or agent works with a number of systems: from specialized solutions for managing insurance policies and certificates to scoring systems and complex analytical tools for risk assessment. These and many other tools must be aligned with the quickly evolving market and enable insurance specialists to do their job as efficiently as possible.

Solbeg is an accomplished developer of specialized software for various industries and verticals, including the insurance business. We are equally skilled in developing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and building fast and reliable application back-ends exchanging data between company branches and providing instant access to client profiles, policy details, property databases and much more.

Professional development of insurance software

Having built insurance software in the past, we are well aware of the challenges of insurance businesses and know their key pain points. Which is more, we speak the same language with our customers and are able to tell apart the different types of liability insurance and apply the right formulas for coverage calculation. Our web-based products support multiple platforms and are mobile-optimized on the lowest level so as to enable various employees to access the necessary functionality through a browser or a mobile app anytime, anywhere. In addition, we are fully capable of integrating our bespoke insurance tools with other enterprise solutions through web services, connectors or an enterprise service bus. For more information about our experience and capabilities in the insurance domain, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

Professional consulting and support

In addition to purely technical services, we also assist our customers with professional consulting, advisory and support services that help them maintain existing software products, design new ones or make decisions regarding their IT strategy.