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Solutions for gambling industry 

In today’s gambling industry, the need for sophisticated software and process automation is just as crucial as in any other industry. The spectrum of applications extends from gaming management software and facility optimization tools to league administration solutions, betting systems, and ecommerce platforms.  

Increase your presence in the gambling industry with Solbeg’s solutions. From customized platforms and secure payment processing to robust management systems, our offerings ensure compliance, security, and an engaging user experience.

Broad domain expertise

In the gambling industry, our broad domain expertise covers various facets. Our software operates comprehensively, gathering analytics data for individual players, analyzing game performance for strategic decisions, and facilitating interaction between gambling operators, leagues, and associations with millions of users globally. Our product design and development approach prioritize lasting scalability, robust cross-system security, and uninterrupted communication with virtually any external services. 

Integration with existing enterprise systems

Our integration expertise extends to effortlessly connect our gambling scheduling and analytics software with diverse data sources presented in different formats and originating from various systems. We achieve this integration through connectors, microservices, and other effective methods of bridging the gap between different computer systems. Moreover, we possess the capability to develop native and cross-platform mobile applications. These applications facilitate continuous connectivity, allowing users, including club and league managers, to access enterprise back-ends anytime, anywhere. 

Whether implementing online platforms or backend solutions, our integrated systems enhance operational efficiency, providing a unified approach to managing gambling processes and data. 

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