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Programming Languages and Their Uses

January 22, 2019
    Today some of the programming languages have become the ancient history, but some of them are still alive and popular. What is the secret? Depending on the task different languages are needed – simpler, specific, readable. Let’s look at the examples.

Low-level programming

For example, you want to write an operational system or a driver, what language will you choose? C is the best variant. You can control this language – something we can’t say about C++. While such low-level programming tasks as writing an operating system, drivers, etc. exist – C is the perfect option for them. In addition, all sorts of devices are appearing now (because of the Internet of Things) that work with the help of batteries (and there will be millions of them). Accordingly, there will be 2 KB of memory, a 5 kHz processor and it will not work to screw in some kind of virtual, machine or scripting language in the near future — that means you have to write something in C. Even now, for example, calculations on a video card (OpenCL or some other technology) – don’t come up with a new language to write programs for them – they use C with some big restrictions.

Web programming

If you want to write a new Facebook (social network), what language will you use?

For the script part, for what will happen on the client side you need to use JavaScript. And sometimes JavaScript is generated in a different language (it happens because it is easier sometimes to handle some changes in the logic).

Facebook and many other great projects were written in PHP. Of course, companies had to write their own things in order to improve the products. Here and now no one writes anything from scratch for the web – some kind of framework is written or something else. Want new online store? Download the necessary framework and set it done.

Programming for business

If you’ve been writing something for a long time, for example, banking applications or some business programs, it’s better to use Java. Business is a serious matter and your programming language needs to be reliable enough. .Net is also a good variant to pick.

Python is not preferable for this task. Why? Because when you write something in Python, you cannot find a significant number of bugs during the writing process. Python is a dynamically typed language, generally bugs can be hidden there, and you may find them too late. It is better to write web applications or programs in Python or to write business apps just for yourself, some small scripts – where you understand what is happening and what is being done.

Programming for the military and aerospace industry

Imagine that you decided to send a rocket to the moon. What programming language would you prefer to use for the rocket engines control? It could be C because you can use it for low-level programming. It is easy to compile, in addition, you can be sure that the program will work equally well on a variety of computers, which cannot be said with the same confidence about many modern programming languages. Pascal is a good option, too.

Of course, this topic is wider and needs more time to discuss. We have mentioned only some of the industries and programming languages. But the general idea of the article is that it is important to determine the task, main goal and appropriate programming language.

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