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Problem and Incident Management – Are There Any Differences?

August 7, 2018
    In our previous article about importance and necessity of the dedicated support team, not only during software development, but after it, we mentioned Problem and Incident Management. But in our opinion, this topic is rather wide, so we decided to tell more about Problem and Incident Management processes, how every management works and why it is important to know about it. This article will be useful for software development processes members.

First of all, lets revise that Problem and Incident have different meanings. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) gives these definitions: “an incident is an unplanned interruption to a service, or the failure of a component of a service that hasn’t yet impacted service” and “problem is a cause of one or more incidents”.

Thus, Incident Management and Problem Management have different goals and processes.

Incident Management aims to eliminate the disruption in a very quickly manner before damage of all service operations. Necessary to know that all incidents should be recorded and described. We know that some small and not important issue on the first sight can be destructive for the whole system. Due to this fact Incident Management process is based on attentiveness to details and quick solving. Incident Management consists of First – line support, i.e. basic support. It is resolving a symptom, rather than a problem. For example, there are identification of the problem, gathering the information and analysis, categorization, diagnosis and incident resolution. Also, in case of necessity there can be an escalation to Level 2 support.

Problem Management is responsible for the investigation and identification of the incident reason. The reason can be determined after some incidents, but after this repeated process Problem Management can analyze the data and find decision to prevent the problem in future. Main purposes of the Problem Management are problem detection, fixing and prevention. In addition, all issues as well as causes needed to be recorded. All incidents should be researched and analyzed by Problem Management, because without it incidents will repeated and led to a much bigger problem in the project or system. It is like the disease – without investigation of the cause it will be prolonged.

As we can see there are differences between Problem and Incident Management. Knowing them will help resolve issues fast and in a proper way. In addition, every project should have Problem and Incident Managers, that will have specific for each Management scopes of work.

SolbegSoft provides high- quality support services, that are based on Problem and Incident Management principles. It means, that our support services not only resolve the incident, but also investigate the reason and help to avoid it in future. In case of any questions about support services contact us

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