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Environmental Projects

May 19, 2021
    More and more people are beginning to view the process of environmental pollution not as a gradually impending catastrophe, but as a vast field for scientific research, ideas and the development of their own business. This can be seen from the example of large and small environmental victories that take place around the world, while the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of megacities are stuck in traffic jams and complain that there’s no fresh air left. An environmentally friendly development company can grow and be profitable in the same way as any other project, although there is a much slower return in this area.

Business in the field of ecology and planetary restoration is both noble and quite profitable. Many entrepreneurs have quickly adapted to the modern trend, which lead to rebuilding some business projects to standards that are filled with various eco-elements. Businessmen and their start-ups, who strive to truly benefit the planet’s ecology, are achieving incredible success. Let’s analyze some environmental tech options which are aimed at reducing the damage to our planet.

The objective of such projects (green tech) is to strengthen selected national research institutes to identify and adequately address environmental issues and to undertake environmental research and development activities.

The most mentioned environmental problem is global warming. It is a growing problem upsetting governments and society in general and is endangering health and the environment. One of the ways to fight against global warming is by means of the so-called green technologies.

Engineers and scientists around the world are developing technological solutions aimed at reducing and eliminating everything that causes global warming and, therefore, climate change.

Below are the examples of green technologies that are environmentally-friendly:

Wastewater treatment

In this field, there are few technological developments, but the existing ones are important. Key developments include membrane filtration, microbial fuel cells, nanotechnology, development of biological treatments and natural treatment systems such as wetlands. All these processes are used to make water drinkable or significantly reduce the presence of pollutants from what is discharged into the sea and rivers.

Elimination of industrial emissions

Methane and carbon dioxide are substances that harm the environment. Industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, etc. must eliminate their emissions so as not to cause serious environmental damage. Our team is able to create custom solutions for each company.

Recycling and waste management

The increase in the amount of household and industrial waste has been disproportionate. Solid waste management is the responsibility of both companies and individuals. Breakthrough technologies such as smart containers, automated food waste tracking systems and automated optical scanning technologies can help sort mixed plastics, separating them from others.

Natural gas boilers

Green boilers are boilers that consume as little fuel as possible or use renewable energy. Natural gas, although it is also a fossil fuel, has the particularity that it emits almost no toxic gases such as nitrogen oxides, particles, carbon monoxides nor Sulphur. It releases more water vapor and less carbon dioxide. It is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel in terms of emissions, with 204 grams of CO2 per thermal kW/h. Therefore, natural gas boilers tend to be condensed, which means that they recover the heat from the water vapor coming out of the chimney, achieving higher thermal yields with less air pollution.

Energy generated from waste

The generation of energy from waste, also called Waste-to-Energy, is technology that generates energy from garbage. SolbegSoft can provide the development of waste treatment solutions that generate energy in the form of steam, hot water or electricity that each company can later use for internal processes.

Vertical gardens and farms

Installing vertical gardens in buildings also helps save energy and brings many benefits to the environment. Vertical gardens do not need unnecessary water use, and because they are installed along the wall, they reduce intense hearing pollution from the outside. In addition, it helps insulate high temperatures caused by climate change, resulting in significant savings in energy, heating and air conditioning. If we deliver this technology to farms, we can save a lot of water and take care of fertile soil.

Self-sustaining buildings

Self-sustaining buildings are structures that can function on their own, generating energy without the need for external input. One way to achieve more production with the same surface area of photovoltaic panels is to enable intelligent solar tracking systems to achieve optimal use of the radiation.


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