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5 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life

October 9, 2018
    Stress is a usual thing in our life and has both positive and negative sides. It can encourage people and give them power to make up something or to accomplish hard task by increasing adrenaline. But in case of a lot of stressful situations the level of adrenaline will be too high to live full and healthy life. Thus, it is essential to know how to handle stressful situations, avoid needless information and use time wisely.

Today in the world of Internet of Things (IoT) we can cope with stress easier. For example, a lot of applications monitor our sleeping and help to wake up in the right time, we have smart houses and can manage them by having our smartphone in hands. We can concentrate on our work or avoid unnecessary information using Calls and Notifications Managing app. This application is a great possibility to balance your life and pass the time properly.

In general, time is irretrievable resource. People are trying to reach in time and wishing to have more than 24 hours a day. All know that it is impossible, but there is a possibility to manage time. Online Appointment Scheduling Solution is an example of the time management system for people, as well for businesses. This solution permits to save and manage the time in proper way.

Instead of IoT there are a lot of other solutions reducing the stress. Find the 5 useful and helpful ways that help to handle the stress.

1. Stop and Relax

We need to stop all our activities and listen to ourselves. It is necessary to know, that it’s okay to be lazy sometimes, to spend time alone without chatting or listening someone. If you don’t know how to resolve some problem just stay away from it for a while and focus on something else. Change your activity or just take a break. Slow down. It will help to find out the solution or to make a decision.

2. Practicing sport

We don’t mean that you need to go to the gym or run a 21 -km race, but just one walk for 10 minutes can change mood and relax mind. Light exercising help to boost the “hormones of happiness” endorphins that will reduce stress. Just choose your type of sport and practice it with joy. Health and knowledge how to manage stress are guaranteed.

3. Find a Hobby

Hobby can be different: reading, cooking, drawing. The most important is that it should give you pleasant emotions. If you have another activity that is not just sitting in front of TV and eating pizza your life will be less stressful. Because hobby is a great chance to hit the reset button and to give new ideas.

4. Meditate

For many people meditation is very hard thing. It is associated with yoga, aroma therapy or praying. Meditation is a concentration on your body, breathing, inner emotions, not on your thoughts. When you meditate you free your mind and relax your body. After even 5 minutes of meditation in the morning of before going to bed you will be calmer and won’t permit stress and negative thought to occupy your mind.

5. Surround yourself with good people

Our emotional state depends on people that we have in our surrounding. If we have mutual understanding in family, reliable friends we always will know how to handle some stressful situations. We can share our emotions, discuss problems and have support from people whom we trust. Socializing is good possibility to reduce stress. In that case, choose your surrounding attentively.

Stress mustn’t control your life. You are the one who can do it. Using smart applications in your smartphone and these ways mentioned before you will decrease the stress in life.

Daria Rabushko

Marketing Manager at SolbegSoft


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