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ServiceChannel – Facility Management Platform
ServiceChannel is the world leader in Service Automation solutions for companies managing multi-location commercial facilities. Company provides a cloud-based (SaaS delivered) platform to more efficiently and automatically source, procure, manage and pay for contractor-delivered repair and maintenance services—enabling organizations to enhance their corporate brand image, drive significant savings, improve compliance, and mitigate operational risk.
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Challenges Impact Solutions Testimonial

ServiceChannel and its’ clients faced the lack of transparency and visibility in the work order process system;

No clarity in terms of repair and maintenance spend and budget.

Decentralization for the FM model in terms of maintenance and repairs with work orders.

No tracking and measurement processes in FM;

Necessity to create a unique store review checklist creation for each country.

Long processing times to generate the results from the audits;

High degrees of complexity in taking multiple corrective actions at once.


SolbegSoft has been cooperating with ServiceChannel to create a cloud-based (SaaS-delivered) Facility Management platform that automates the entire repair & maintenance service delivery process.

With the help of SolbegSoft team ServiceChannel has developed and deployed:

Service Automation System to automate key business and service processes: work order and asset management in different locations, consolidating invoice and payment management, visibility and data for improved performance, compliance and risk management;

Custom Analytics System that performs detailed visibility and transparency of all repair and maintenance costs;

Site Audit Manager mobile application that provides on-site audits of facilities using any device;

Planned Maintenance Manager for standardization and automation operations;

Compliance Manager for FM process simplification;

Invoice Manager helps the FM team to move to a weekly batching process for simplicity and timely processing.


The successful development and deployment of the Systems has automated most of the key business processes. Overall, implementing all the systems made FM operations more efficient and provided greater control of its third-party outsourced health & safety auditing program.



During the period of cooperation with SolbegSoft, ServiceChannel has enlarged their platform integration among a variety of locations in 63 countries. The number of locations reached 170,000 in 2016, while in 2018 it grew by 76% and reached 300,000, and in 2019 it grew by 10% more.

ServiceChannel’s customers span over 330,000 locations globally and manage tens of millions of assets that heat, cool, light, clean, cook, move people, and perform many other necessary functions across multiple industries.

Serge Lubensky
CTO, ServiceChannel
ServiceChannel has been working with SolbegSoft as a technology partner for 8 years now and we are very proud of the collaboration that was established. SolbegSoft has been responsible for some of the most mission critical parts of ServiceChannel offering and the results are impressive. The level of effort this group puts into its work makes them essentially a part of a core ServiceChannel team. The outsourcing model allows the team to have ServiceChannel best interest and be tremendously helpful and productive.
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