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SolbegSoft on Behalf of Tieto has Migrated Bank Accounting Interface System

April 9, 2019
    We are excited to announce that our Tieto team has realized successfully code migration of the BAI (Bank Accounting Interface) system to the Oracle forms and reports 12c. Now our specialists are working on MPCS (Merchant Processing & Clearing System) migration to Oracle forms and reports 12c. As part of this migration, it is planned to use a single report repository using the RA software (Reporting Assistant).

Why it was important for Tieto to realize the code migration of these systems? The reason is that in Oracle DB 12.2 the checking algorithm of the compatibility between the databases and the client part have been changed. Therefore, programs that are using Oracle client 8i technologies (including Oracle Forms and Reports 6i) won’t work with current and updated versions of the databases. Tieto decided to transfer in advance all the products that are using Oracle Forms and Reports 6i to the new Oracle forms and reports 12c platform.

tieto team

Tieto is the leading Northern European provider of payment cards solutions. SolbegSoft has been working as a partner of Tieto since 2016. Our company takes responsibility of providing 2nd and 3rd level technical support services to Tieto’s clients, working with Tieto’s clients on-site to implement new systems, migrate data, conduct testing of new card products and certification in payment systems, working on migration of BAI & MPCS systems to Oracle12, support the Card Suite technology 3G.

Our Tieto team has done a really great job. Keep it up!


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