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SolbegSoft Office Tour

February 13, 2021
    Companies often forget the physical space where employees function plays a vital role in their productivity and satisfaction at work. Creating a welcoming, and safe atmosphere for employees is not only important, it’s necessary. SolbegSoft cares about the comfort and a homelike feeling for our SolbegPeople while they function inside the office, so we tried our best to create a special place to squeeze maximum comfort out of the current situation.

We wanted to shape office design with some modern trends. Utilizing specially curated art experiences helps our team reconnect with SolbegSoft brand when returning to in-office work.

Working from home has become the new normal due to the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in several negative outcomes like the sense of alienation and loss of community, the lack of access to particular tools or resources, and—in the case of families—the distractions arising from multiple individuals under the same roof.

Taking that into consideration, we tried to deliver a soothing, comforting experience for those returning to in-person work. Showcasing artwork that evokes calming sensations or gives our team a sense of place can help ease the transition. We hope to overcome all the obstacles arisen from the pandemic and improve our employees’ well-being notably.

Truly the nomination of the most comfortable room in the entire office can be directed to our kitchen, which “floods” with warmth and soft lights shining from the corridor. All the windows have been converted into single recreation areas, where you can climb in with your feet, cover the space with curtains and enjoy the isolation we are already used to. The place can also be used for relaxation while exploring our personal gallery of paintings that were created specifically for the design and lighting of our kitchen. By the way, only eco-friendly LED lamps were used for lighting, as we support “going green” activities.

SolbegSoft office tour
SolbegSoft office tour
SolbegSoft office tour

Apart from that, we have organized several recreation areas in the office lobby for our guests to spend their time comfortably, and also for our amazing SolbegPeople to switch their surroundings when they need to take a break from working during the day.

SolbegSoft office tour
SolbegSoft office tour
SolbegSoft office tour

The hall looks like an inspiration taken from a sunny Greek beach – and that’s definitely not just a coincidence. Wicker hanging chairs, white stones, sand and azure shades – all of the elements remind us of a wonderful Greek essence. We say so, cause the hall’s design uses the whitest stones on Earth, which were brought directly from the coast of Greece (we waited for their delivery for half a year almost).

SolbegSoft office tour
SolbegSoft office tour
SolbegSoft office tour

Hope the journey into our office was astonishing and made you want to visit us! We’d gladly welcome our guests when the proper time comes.


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