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SolbegSoft Makes Dreams Come True

December 27, 2017
    December 19 became a magical and memorable day for our little friends at Chekhovschinskaya auxiliary boarding school. The day turned into a holiday as the New Year party was held cheerfully and dynamically, and the biggest highlight of the time were gifts from children’s letters, which they happily received after. A bright holiday fairy tale for boarding school children was invented and implemented by the students of the Belarusian State University of Culture.

SolbegSoft Makes Dreams Come True

The matinee started with the news that Father Frost’s mail was hacked and all the letters with the requests for gifts sent by the children were completely lost! Therefore, the way out of this problem was found immediately by summoning the Fairy Bunny and asking for his help! He was the secret key to finding children’s lost emails and bringing justice to the holiday!

The Fairy Bunny along with the funny pirates and Monkey were happy to involve children in multiple entertaining games. Creative dances, magic soap bubbles, active games made children immerse into the New Year’s atmosphere, bringing a lot of joyful and vivid memories. Later the New Year crew united with Snow Maiden and Father Frost, who helped kids unlock a new level of excitement while solving riddles, singing songs, and building up a round dance, where both children and adults were having lots of fun – the place was saturated with astonishing entertainments.

SolbegSoft Makes Dreams Come True

In the end the missing letters from children were found with the help of dear guests, who guided quests all the way through. Father Frost and his glorious assistants took boxes and sacks neatly placed under the Christmas Tree, while Snow Maiden was reading out the names of the children and each of them received a desired personal gift accompanied with a sweet treat.

SolbegSoft Makes Dreams Come True

“The idea to help the children’s community somehow was born earlier last year, – says Oksana Mogulenko, CEO at SolbegSoft, – when we started to expand on an expedited basis, our team replenished with energetic and enthusiastic members, who are very active in terms of participating in a variety of social events. As an instance, they were actively involved into such social events like garbage collection kayaking tour on the West Berezina River and the grand bike tour Bikes4SDGs organized by The United Nations to support Sustainable Development Goals”.

However, this year we managed to finally get our hands on setting contact with the Reverend Efrosinya Polotskaya foundation and realized our idea to help the children’s community in the New Year charity campaign. Our employees eagerly took part in the gift gathering process, it was essential to carefully and thoroughly choose each gift and make sure it suits the particular child perfectly, so we took time to search for the exact things described in the children’s letters as they were surely personal. A really high responsibility was placed on our shoulders, since we turned into Wizards who could make children truly happy that day!

Children were pretty much diverse and confident in their wishes for Christmas gifts: girls wanted fairies, soft toys, sledges, while boys desired audio accessories – headphones, speakers, as well as clothes and shoes. We were willing to be responsible Father Frosts and realize all the dreams coming from children.

SolbegSoft Makes Dreams Come True

We are happy to fulfill the children’s wishes and enrich their lives with one more pleasurable moment to remember, since we believe that fairy tale should happen in the life of every child. Miracles can be created with our own hands, so this activity serves us as a reminder that we build a better world together. It’s such a blessing to be the reason why these children have cheerful faces with beautiful smiles on them, expressing this feeling with words is nearly impossible. Next year we intend to continue helping the boarding school and become miracle creators for our little friends once again!

SolbegSoft Makes Dreams Come True

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