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SolbegSoft Has Participated in Social Responsibility Ranking

April 13, 2021
    A couple of weeks ago, SolbegSoft took part in the calculation of the Social Responsibility Index . Our company gained 9.3 points out of 12. This is a great result for the start!

    The index consists of 134 indicators characterizing the following areas:

  • Labor practices and human rights;
  • Fair business practices;
  • Participation in the life of society;
  • Environmental issues.

    The participation in such assessment helped us:

  • to find out our “level of social responsibility” in comparison with other companies;
  • to know more about the assessment parameters and improve our social responsibility strategy;
  • to introduce new practices and monitor the dynamics of our social responsibility development.

We are planning to participate in social and environmental activities, develop and enhance labor and business practices and achieve new level of social responsibility index among other companies.


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