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SolbegSoft is Attending Web Summit in Lisbon

Meet us in Lisbon on November 5-8, 2018, attending Web Summit, technical conference for worldwide tech professionals, CEOs, companies’ founders, startups, investors and journalists. This...

October 29, 2018

SolbegSoft Was Mentioned in Annual Clutch Reports

We are glad to remember that SolbegSoft was mentioned in two Clutch rankings: Top of Belarus B2B Service Providers and Top Cloud Computing Companies in...

August 21, 2018

SolbegSoft Survivors

On a dusky day, 22 of July, as the rain was pouring, the strongest and most resistant heroes revealed their faces full of courage, and...

July 25, 2018

Meet Us at NOAH18 Conference in Berlin

SolbegSoft is visiting Berlin on June 6 - 7, attending NOAH Conference, professional event for worldwide top specialists of various industries. This is great opportunity...

May 29, 2018

SolbegSoft Has Met the Requirements in ISO 9001:2015

We are excited to announce that SolbegSoft has met the requirements in ISO 9001:2015!

May 17, 2018

SolbegIndia Expands its Team

Last year we announced that SolbegGroup opened new office in Mumbai, the commercial and financial center of India. It was one of the most significant...

April 10, 2018

“Development of The Digital Economy” Law is Entering into Force

March 28, 2018 "Development of the digital economy" Law is entering into force. This document was elaborated in cooperation with Belarusian government, lawyers, IT community...

March 28, 2018

SolbegSoft has Renewed Partnership with Microsoft

In recent years, SolbegSoft has implemented a number of projects using Microsoft technologies. All of them have positive feedbacks from customers for bringing real business...

March 16, 2018

SolbegSoft is Going to O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

Meet us in New York on February 25-28, 2018, attending O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, professional event for worldwide IT specialists. This is a great opportunity...

February 16, 2018

SolbegSoft is Visiting New York Digital Strategy Innovation Summit

February 27-28, 2018, New York will host Digital Strategy Innovation Summit. This annual event is a discussion platform for worldwide senior digital professionals. Our company...

February 12, 2018

New Year Party with SolbegSoft

Christmas and New Year season is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with joy and hopes for the best. SolbegSoft team took its...

January 2, 2018

SolbegSoft Makes Dreams Come True

December 19 became a magical and memorable day for our little friends at Chekhovschinskaya auxiliary boarding school. The day turned into a holiday as the...

December 27, 2017

SolbegSoft Became Partners with STEP IT Academy – the Biggest Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk Authorized Learning Center.

SolbegSoft is happy to announce the establishment of a new partnership with STEP IT Academy – the biggest Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk authorized learning center, which...

December 6, 2017

SolbegSoft Grows and So Does Its Office

In recent years, the overall number of projects at SolbegSoft has been rapidly growing. The geography and industry span of new projects is sustainably broadening,...

October 20, 2017

SolbegSoft is Recognized by Customers on Clutch

Since 2008, SolbegSoft has delivered premium quality IT services to our global customers. Recently, we have been recognized for our high-end solutions by Clutch, an...

September 19, 2017

SolbegSoft is Thrilled to Have a Vibrant GameDev Team

Belarus is worthily famous as a top performer in game industry, with its prominent developers creating worldwide hits and younger companies supporting the high level...

September 4, 2017

SolbegSoft Throws a Huge Teambuilding Summer Event

Creative and inspiring teambuilding is definitely a thing at SolbegSoft. When it comes to setting a huge party with lots of bright events, enormous amount...

August 8, 2017

SolbegGroup Goes International and Expands its Global Presence

SolbegGroup has always envisioned strong international presence as one of the company’s strategic objectives. Today SolbegGroup is making another solid step toward achieving this mission...

June 16, 2017

SolbegSoft Brings Life Back to the Berezina River

Earth Day, 22 April, marks the modern environmental movement birth in 1970. The holiday transcends all national borders, yet preserves all geographical integrities, spans mountains...

May 4, 2017

SolbegSoft is Listed Among Top Web & Software Developers in Belarus by Clutch – an Influential B2B Research Firm

Ratings and reviews platform Clutch has released an updated research on the top software and web developers in Belarus. This updated research features fifty nine...

April 11, 2017

Solbegsoft is Expanding Support and Maintenace Department

It goes without saying that SolbegSoft provides thorough support and maintenance services for solutions developed by our team – from fixing critical bugs discovered by...

February 14, 2017

Solbegsoft Became Partners With a World’s Top 500 University – Belarusian State University

The beginning of the new year brings to SolbegSoft valuable partnership with Belarusian State University (BSU) – the country's leading university ranked among the TOP...

January 18, 2017

Solbegsoft Team Congratulated Young Players from Football Club ‘Junior‘ on Christmas and New Year

Christmas is time for miracles. At SolbegSoft, we decided to create our own miracles. On Christmas eve, we visited our young friends from Football Club...

December 28, 2016

Assessing Accomplishments, Setting Resolutions

2016 is coming to an end. This is traditionally the best time to reflect on business progress over the year. And there are many important...

December 19, 2016

London Hosted ‘Outlook on Belarus 2016’ Conference for Business Representatives

24 October 2016, the EBRD headquarters in London hosted 'Outlook on Belarus 2016' conference for business representatives. The meeting was organized by the European Bank...

November 9, 2016

Enterprise Mobility Enables Unprecedented Transparency and Actionable Insights for Facilities Inspections

ServiceChannel, the world leader in Service Automation solutions for companies managing multi-location commercial facilities, announced the update to its Site Audit Manager application. The newest...

October 17, 2016

SolbegSoft Took Part in the Bike Tour Organized by The United Nations to Support SDGs

The grand bike tour Bikes4SDGs organized by The United Nations to support Sustainable Development Goals took part on September 21, 2016, in Naliboki Nature Reserve....

September 23, 2016

SolbegSoft Supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations Development Programme in partnership with major state, international and public organizations, announces the launch of a new initiative to support the Sustainable Development...

September 15, 2016

SolbegSoft Achieves Microsoft Gold Competency in Application Development

SolbegSoft is happy to announce the achievement of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status. The recent achievement demonstrates high professionalism of SolbegSoft team, and distinguishes the...

September 13, 2016

SolbegSoft has Become an Official Sponsor of Public Sport Association “Football Club Junior”

Football Club Junior is a community that unites junior football players and their parents, young coaches and people interested in development of Belarusian football, along...

May 6, 2016

SolbegSoft has Joined Microsoft Partner Network

The beginning of the year was marked for SolbegSoft with joining the elite network of Microsoft Partners.

May 4, 2016

SolbegSoft Reveals New Opportunities as a Resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park

SolbegSoft has been registered as a resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park – one of the major technology centers in Europe.

May 2, 2016

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