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Workflow Management

We cover the entire range of services associated with workflow automation: from the deep analysis of existing business processes and their documentation using major modeling languages to developing custom workflow managing systems and integrating them with other enterprise solutions, web- or Intranet-based.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Workflow management systems are an essential constituent of the enterprise software stack. Designed to ensure the observance of established business processes, they also boost the performance of all the parties involved through task automation and offer system-wide transparency for complex projects. The implementation of such a system may help a company to coordinate the work of multiple employees, identify and remove production bottlenecks and monitor each project on an ongoing basis, which is especially important for businesses employing a lean production process.

Deep domain expertise and use of best practices

Solbeg is an expert in process automation and enterprise application development with a proven track record of designing, developing and implementing workflow management systems of various types. Whether it’s a custom tool built from scratch or a customization of commercial workflow management software, we are able to adapt it to the realities of your business and design an application that will be seamlessly woven into your current software landscape. Usability and ease of use are the staple of our approach, and we strive to make the processes of tasks management, electronic document signing and data sharing as quick, intuitive and natural as humanly possible in enterprise solutions. Our UI’s are based on the very best and most advanced technologies offering smooth and easy-to-perceive visualizations of every business flow on any device that the system is accessed from. Your workflow management app can be built to reside inside your corporate network or deployed as a separate website in a cloud for round-the-clock global accessibility, making the task of managing assignments easy for each and every of your employees, regardless of their location. Post-deployment support and system administration services Solbeg offers comprehensive post-delivery support services aimed at faster familiarization with the new system, implementing change requests and fine-tuning integration parameters.

Professional consulting

Even if you are just considering the development of an automated workflow management system for your company, we will be happy to advise you on the most balanced approach to this project based on our experience with other clients and deep knowledge of the domain area.