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August 16, 2018
    In our portfolio you can find projects that show our rich experience in different industries such as Facility Management, Finance and Banking, Retail, Logistics, etc. But all these projects won’t be released without our people. In this article, they share impressions about their work on SolbegSoft projects.

Esimchik Ekaterina, QA Engineer at SolbegSoft: I am working on a project that is connected with microloans. People can take a loan if it is necessary for a short time. It helps in urgent situations and hard periods of life. In my opinion, we create something useful and helpful for people.

SolbegSoft is experienced in developing and designing microloans online systems, that have friendly user experience as well as cutting edge tech features. The microloan online system has high level of protection and can be a good solution to resolve financial issues without visiting banks. Our white paper has all information about microloans online system.


“My project is a part of a big project of our company. We are working on a system that helps companies to find providers for their needs. In other words, we help them to facilitate their daily work and make their facility management stronger. Our main goal is to create business logics for a specialist who will manage his technicians via website or mobile application.”

Lipnitskiy Pavel, .NET Developer at SolbegSoft

“ I am working on a huge project of our company that helps different companies to get timely help with their problems. It gives me a lot of programming experience. Our project makes the world better and things easier. In future, I will be better programmer and resolve much more technical issues.”

Andrey Kasatkin, .NET Developer at SolbegSoft


Facility Management is one of the fast-developing industries in the world. Our company has high proficiency in facility management system, we are proud to be a part of this process. You can learn more about facility management in our blog or ask some questions directly.


“I like to work in our project team of strong and experienced guys, because you can always ask for help, be sure that you will receive it and cope with every technological practice. If you want to grow, then there are no obstacles, where there’s a will there’s a way. In my opinion, one of the strengths of the project team is pleasant atmosphere inside of it, including team buildings as well as daily gags”

Dmitry Korol, PHP Developer at SolbegSoft

We appreciate that our colleagues develop themselves not only in professional way, but also in sport, education, social activities. We are planning to tell you about our SolbegPeople more. Stay tuned!


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