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Wandle – Calls & Notifications Managing App

Wandle is a smart, personal and automatic service for your phone that helps to manage your incoming calls and notifications.

About Wandle

Wandle is a mobile application that automatically selects the desired alert mode depending on the time and location of the app user. Unique algorithms will automatically create individual notifications mode in accordance with user’s lifestyle. This app already has had worldwide recognition, among the achievements are #1 StartUp in Belarus and Saint-Petersburg, as well as TOP-3 Google Early Access 2017. Wandle has over 1 500 000 reviews on Google Play, more than 40 000 active users from 130 countries.

Technologies and Tools

Project Description

Wandle is a mobile application that enables to manage calls and notifications. The application has a built-in map, which allows to mark zones where mobile phone should be switched to the sleep mode. It can be offices, cinemas, educational institutions, hospitals, etc.

Key features of the system:

  • Possibility of setting specific time intervals, SMS response patterns and the frequency of their sending with geolocation attached to subscribers calling at the wrong time.
  • Users can create “white list” of contacts and applications (for them users are always available) and switch the “sleep mode” with the ability to track notifications, calls and SMS.
  • Determination of the location not only by GPS, but also by mobile network and hot spots, which gives a sufficiently high accuracy of location.
  • Application is available in 10 most popular languages.
  • Synchronization with the calendar gives the ability to activate the selected mode depending on the event.

Benefits of the service:

  • The service can integrate with more than 25 third-party services, like online movie ticketing services, calendars, etc. As a result, app user won’t spend additional money on another applications or services.
  • Higher user satisfaction through user- friendly interface and complementary functional: the service is fast and easy in use, resolves user’s goals in management of the mobile calls and notifications.
  • Wandle can drown the calls and notifications during car driving above a certain speed or synchronization with a car via Bluetooth.
  • Individualized approach: the service can predict user behavior and offer the best option.
  • Possibility of multitasking and automatization of the setting processes make this application #1 on the market.
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