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Online Appointment Scheduling

SolbegSoft developed an omnichannel scheduling platform that optimizes scheduling and marketing of any type of service or event for any market vertical.

About Online Appointment Scheduling Solution

A branded, online appointment scheduling solution that drives revenue, creates marketing opportunities and enables business to stay connected to customers 24/7.


Technologies and Tools

Project Description

The platform is integrated into the brand’s existing digital asset and enables customers to self-schedule appointments.

Key features:

  • Cloud-based, scalable, and secure SaaS platform.
  • The platform seamlessly integrates with a brand’s existing websites, apps, marketing campaigns, and other enterprise systems and applications.
  • The platform is completely branded with the company’s own identity and workflows.
  • Highly customizable configurations and workflows to incorporate existing practices.
  • Highly configurable permission levels.
  • Location, service and resource management controls.
  • Appointment booking and management (both individual appointments and group events).
  • Configurable booking fields to capture customer information and preferences.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting.


Our company was in transition from an in-house development team to outsourced services. We needed a partner that understood the software to continue to support its uptime for customers. SolbegSoft sourced necessary technical capabilities and ensured effective communication to manage complex needs and build a strong partnership.


Online Appointment Scheduling Company

In present-day highly competitive market it’s not enough for a business just to be presented online. To outperfom the competition you are to be in touch with customers beyond working hours, taking care about them 24/7 wherever they are. If you are looking for a reliable vendor with a wealth of knowledge in sales and marketing automation tools, please contact us right now.