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Nasdaq OMX

SolbegSoft has been cooperating with Nasdaq OMX to create the Message HUB project.

About Nasdaq OMX

Nasdaq OMX, also known as Nasdaq Nordic or Nasdaq OMX AB, provides financial services and operates marketplaces for securities in Nordic, Baltic, and Caucasus countries.

Nasdaq Nordic has two divisions: OMX Exchanges, that operates 8 stock exchanges based in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and OMX Technology, that develops and markets systems for financial transactions for OMX Exchanges, and other stock exchanges.

Project description

Key goals of the project are simplification and unification of communication processes between OMX internal subsystems and external clients.

Message HUB – intelligent hub for message conversion and routing – has the following features:

  • Transformation of the incoming messages and their direction to correct internal subsystem in accordance with the predefined rules. There is no difference for the external clients by which subsystem the request is handled.
  • If required for a message, an answer from a subsystem can be sent back to a sender with the right format.
  • Online messages monitoring.

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