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LeadPortal – Customer Relationship Management

LeadPortal enables to effectively retrieve, collect, process, analyze, and act upon information on both active and prospective customers.

About LeadPortal

LeadPortal is a Customer Relationship Management web application that enhances customer engagement, shows return on marketing investment, and allows for efficient data-driven decisions.


Technologies and Tools

Project Description

Customer Relationship Management web application developed by SolbegSoft enables to manage customer communications and interactions throughout a variety of channels and touchpoints. Visual-based analytics and custom reports provide deep insight into business performance and customers’ preferences, allowing for efficient marketing and sales activities and decisions.

Benefits of the system:

  • Increased retention and customer loyalty: the system enables multi-channel customer engagement, providing consistent brand perception and seamless customer experience expected by the market.
  • Higher customer satisfaction through less expensive and time-consuming service channels: the system encompasses the full span of customer interactions, helping companies achieve their goal of being a market leader in the customer experience.
  • Efficient data-driven decisions and reduced marketing and sales expenses: the system displays which customer engagement channels are performing better and shows what the return on investment is.

Key features of the system:

  • Retrieve data from third-party systems: call recording systems, live chats, and contact forms embedded into websites.
  • Manage leads flow using kanban board.
  • Contact customers via voice calls, emails and messages, using integrated tools, and keep records of communications.
  • Take the advantage of visual-based analytics and create custom reports, highlighting customer preferences, the effectiveness of particular communication channels and advertising campaigns.
  • The CRM solution can be easily customized to meet any business’s specific objectives.


We’ve done several projects with SolbegSoft, and have been pleased with the results. Therefore, when we required development of a CRM solution, we turned to them. SolbegSoft has been providing a full cycle of development, delivering robust IT consulting at every stage. Users have seen a general improvement in lead generation, as well as a reduction in time spent to generate reports. SolbegSoft impressive documentation and ownership of the project lead to marked improvements. We’ve had good success with them and I would recommend anybody to give it a try.

VP of Technology


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