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SolbegSoft has been cooperating with Audatex to create AudaNet - a comprehensive web-based platform for all parties involved in the claim settlement process.

About Audatex

Audatex is one of the brands of Solera Holding, Inc. It is a global insurance company in automotive industry that provides end-to-end claims solutions of connecting insurers, repairers, vehicle manufacturers and other parties to a claim.

Audatex is a global company with offices in different countries and continents. Therefore, a proven software development partner is required, that possesses not only technical knowledge but experience in implementing requirements for the diversity of clients.

Technologies and Tools

Project Description

AudaNet – is a complete web-based platform for all parties of the claim settlement process. Using AudaNet, clients can enter vehicle and damage data faster and in a more acceptable manner, find out how much the repair will cost, exchange estimates and other data via secure channel.

Key features of the project:

  • Time for administrative proceedings is reduced.
  • Checks on completeness of claims and checks of cost estimates, assessments.
  • Analysis of files and estimates of irregularities.
  • Individual audit reports, etc.

Insurance software development

The insurance industry heavily relies on data processing, big data analysis and automation of business flows. Every insurance company or agent works with a number of systems: from specialized solutions for managing insurance policies and certificates to scoring systems and complex analytical tools for risk assessment.