IT Consulting

IT Consulting

SolbegSoft offers a complete suite of IT consulting services. We provide competent advisory on cloud solutions, data protection and security, financial transactions implementation.

Engineering Consulting Services

SolbegSoft consultants carry out customer project planning and design, and cost estimation. Special attention is paid to the analysis and development of complex IT systems and long-term projects. This involves pre-project analysis and non-stop post-launch development activities for further software product evolution.

IT Performance Improvement

Our consulting team conducts analysis of customers‘ infrastructure (and/or software projects individually) and render all-round tech assistance allowing to increase their technical productivity and make the technological process more effective.

Information Technology Security Consulting

We provide competent advisory on how best to project and implement system and data security for custom software products and IT infrastructure.

Our Services Include

  • Engineering consulting services.
  • IT performance improvement.
  • Information technology security consulting.

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