The Key Principles of Effective Networking

No secret, that the skill of creating connections is priceless for making a success in every sphere of life. But what is the secret of creating valuable connections? That’s when it comes to networking.

IOS performance optimization in a nutshell

Interface smoothness and responsiveness is one of the main advantages of iOS. However, from time to time the UI gets overloaded, the framerate drops below 60fps, and we have a hard time watching smooth animation. 

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Support & Maintenance Services

Professional support and maintenance services is the best way to reduce the total cost of software systems and ensure timely improvements, enabling business to outperform the competition.

The butterfly effect of software implementation

Browsing news on Facebook over my morning cup of coffee, I came across a friend’s post complaining that his morning had started without coffee for almost a week: the coffee machine at his local convenience store...

Extending MVC architecture with FSM for rich UI & animated mobile apps

One of the top mobile development trends today is gamification - the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. In this article, I want to tell you how to extend the classic MVC architecture, using a finite-state machine template (FSM) that is widely accepted in game development.

Practical aspects of cross-platform automated mobile testing

Mobile development is not the frontier of information technologies anymore. The device that transformed our understanding of the smartphone term was released about 9 years ago.

Implementing Continuous Integration for iOS Projects

Continuous Integration (CI) is a software engineering practice that involves frequent builds and their automated testing for early error detection and correction.