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ServiceChannel provides facility managers with a single platform to source, procure, manage, and pay for facility maintenance services from commercial contractors. By providing a real time, web-based view of service data across all trades, locations and contractors, facility managers drive significant ROI for their organizations without outsourcing or investing in new infrastructure. More than 35,000 contractors use ServiceChannel every day at over 100,000 locations in over 24 countries.

Service Channel
Project Description
  • The system is available as desktop and web-applications, with a robust role-based access security as to which information is visible, based on the security rights of the user. Support of administrative part.
  • Smart visualization of information in different formats, such as those of Office applications, JPEG, PDF and archived files. Each page of a PDF document is automatically converted into a Flash page by user's request for better previewing.
  • Support of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and internal/external links, which are customizable as in which language to be displayed. External links open any website in a new window. Internal links navigate the user to Tabs or Pods.
  • Possibility to use simple and advance search modes to retrieve a necessary document.
  • Support of HTML pages to display web information.
  • Incorporated business intelligent reporting engine, where the user can choose between multiple chart types to visualize data for a faster business decision making.
  • Multi-levels (Drill Down) technique is used to allow for navigation between summarized data into a more specific level of information.
  • A built-in Crystal report viewer is used allowing the users to view Crystal report files (".rpt") without having to install the application on their machine.

ServiceChannel have been working with Solbeg as a technology partner for 8 years now and we are very proud of the collaboration that was established. Solbeg has been responsible for some of the most mission critical parts of ServiceChannel offering and the results are impressive. The level of effort this group puts into its work makes them essentially a part of a core ServiceChannel team. The outsourcing model allows the team to have ServiceChannel best interest and be tremendously helpful and productive.

CTO, ServiceChannelSerge Lubensky
CTO, ServiceChannel
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Objective-C, C#, HTML and CSS, SQL, .NET, MS SQL, JavaScript, Node.JS, MongoDB, jQuery, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, HTML5, Bootstrap CSS, Combres, Amazon EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon S3 File Storage, Log4Net, Memcached Provider, MS SQL Server 2008, Clustered DB (Read Replica), Redis Session, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, TeamCity