Online Lending Platform

About GreenMoney

GreenMoney is a microfinance organization that provides immediate financial assistance in the form of micro-loans to the Russian Federation citizens. The company operates fully online, using the latest software technologies to deliver an amazing experience.

Online Lending Platform
Project Description

GreenMoney engaged SolbegSoft to develop and support online lending system that enables users to immediately get short-term loans, ensuring their personal data complete protection. Working closely with GreenMoney, SolbegSoft:

  • Developed a payment platform that totally goes with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which implies high level security requirements for the processing, transmission and storage of confidential information in the information system, primarily of payment cards data.
  • Provides support and maintenance services, from system monitoring to enhancements implementing.

Main functional features of the platform:

  • User-Friendly Web Application: a web site that enables users to interact with services provided by the system.
  • Sophisticated Admin Part: a web tool that enables to make general settings of the system and to manage web site content.
  • Personal User Account: the service that provides to the registered users access to personal loan data and means of loan repayment.

We are micro-loan experts, not software development experts. GreenMoney needed a quick and effective way to make sure our online offering is secure, convenient and super-easy to use for our busy clients. And that's the team we found at SolbegSoft. Project management has been a breeze as they don't just give you software developers, but also coordinate work, deliverables and timeframes. We have a dedicated team that works just for us, what could've been better!

Mihail ZhalninMihail Zhalnin
CEO, GreenMoney
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MS SQL, .NET, C#, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, SQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, KnockoutJS, LinqToSql, NUnit, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, TeamCity