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About GreenMoney

GreenMoney is a company that provides immediate financial assistance in the form of micro-loans to the Russian Federation citizens. The company operates fully online with no branch infrastructure, using the latest software technologies to lower cost and deliver an amazing experience.

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Project Description

Working closely with GreenMoney, SolbegSoft:

  • Develops a payment platform that totally goes with PSI DSS compliance regulations.
  • Provides system monitoring and support services.

We are micro-loan experts, not software development experts. GreenMoney needed a quick and effective way to make sure our online offering is secure, convenient and super-easy to use for our busy clients. And that's the team we found at Solbeg. Project management has been a breeze as they don't just give you software developers, but also coordinate work, deliverables and timeframes. We have a dedicated team that works just for us, what could've been better!

Mihail ZhalninMihail Zhalnin
CEO, GreenMoney
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MS SQL, .NET, C#, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, SQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, KnockoutJS, LinqToSql, NUnit, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, TeamCity