Dedicated Team

Dedicated Development Center


For customers managing ongoing projects that require long-term commitment and stable teams with advanced technology specific skills, SolbegSoft offers engagements based on the Dedicated Development Center model.


Dedicated Development Center is suitable when general idea and project requirements are available, while requirements for development processes, deadlines and resources are still to be estimated, discussed and negotiated.

You assemble your team of professionals of required qualification, taking full control over project progress and budget scheme. Dedicated teams are fully integrated with the customer’s in-house IT or product development team, accountable directly to the customer, and usually engaged over a prolonged time span.

Dedicated Development Center Engagement Model

Dedicated Development Center Engagement Model


The customer is billed monthly based on size of the dedicated team. Invoices are submitted via email and are payable within fifteen days upon receipt. Notifications of payment are always appreciated.

The model works best for:

  • Software Product Development
  • Maintenance and Support Projects
  • Dynamically Changing Scope Requirements

Dedicated Development Center is also suitable to companies which plan to cut down employment and infrastructure cost by having a virtual team size extension offsite.

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